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The Giza Zoo is Egypt's largest zoological garden. Located in the city of Cairo, it is one of the few 'green' areas in the city, and includes Cairo's largest park. The zoo has an area of almost 80 acres (0.32 km 2), and harbours many endangered species as well as a selection of endemic fauna. There is a reptile house and taxidermist's building on site, and the park contains a suspension bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel. To permit the poorer citizens of Cairo to visit the city's only green park, the entrance fee is a very small amount and is not enough to cover the costs of running the zoo(EGP. 2.00, approx. USD 0.5) *Correction* Local Egyptians EGP 2.00, non-Egyptians citizens EGP 20.00 also for a video-camera add another EGP 10.00. The zoo's main goal is to entertain, rather than to educate - however many rare species have been successfully bred in the zoo - including the first Californian Sea Lion to be born in the Middle East in 2002. Giza Zoo WEBSITE Also See

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