Ginos Tezontle
Located in Parque Tezontle shopping center, one of the most populated areas in Mexico City. Throughout all restaurant it crosses a wall of demolition bricks that remembers us to trattorias of Italy. Combining the illumination and contemporary materials generates an original contrast. This restaurant emphasizes by its originality and intrepid use of spaces and materials. The wood, demolition bricks, granite, glass and lighting. Spaces composition, generates a terrace to the front that serves as mediator between the commercial passage and the hall offering a privacy atmosphere. The restaurant bakery shop receives the costumer; from this point begins to glimpse of high altitude and half-light that blanket the hall. The spaces composition generates a frontal indoor terrace that serves as mediator between the retail passage and the main court offering a privacy and comfort tone to people in table. Throughout all the dining room it crosses a demolition bricks wall that remembers us to trattorias nailed in the heart of Italy. This wall engages in a dialog with the lighting and contemporary materials, generating a warm and calm space. On the opposite side is a long wine cava wall, being this repetition of buckets that lodges all the wines. The lighting project aim was to generate a diaphanous atmosphere where each architecture detail had its vital space. The showy flowerpots exalted by their exotic vegetation and calculated order. The bar becomes present in the back with the kitchen, the last being present one from all the spots of the place. Gino's combines two very different atmospheres: the warm of the wood of its floor; its sensual and fascinating fake partition brick wall that crosses the restaurant and the immaculate darkness that floats in the highnesses emphasizing light spots that generates a spectacular dimensionality to the place.


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