Ginaka 18
INTIMATE ACTIONS Line, plain, volume and color are fundamental questions in our projecting process as we experiment with mettissage and try to reduce the particular values exclusive to each of the aforementioned elements while striving to turn their different associations and combinations into the foundation of shape. This process of de-construction of the unique value in favor of the sum of values and the contribution of color –i.e., the texture that manipulates said association thus de-constructing what has already been de-constructed- is part of a tangle of connecting threads in our creative process, where the image of architecture does not come from the whole, but it may rather be the result of accidents, snapshots or approximations to the ideal which, in the case of the image, is as transitory as a moment that memory will later bring back. Ginaka 18 Los Cacicazgos is a low density residential area in the city of Santo Domingo located in the vicinity of Parque Mirador del Sur, some of the main avenues leading towards which are connected to the main thoroughfares that define this area within the city’s urban structure. The lots on said avenues benefited from a new municipal regulation that allowed the construction of buildings beyond the previous 10-story limit. Ginaka 18 is located right on Avenida Caonabo -one of the benefiting avenues- in a lot of approximately 2500 sq. m. The building has been developed upon a double phased base, where one phase is 1 ½ stories above street level and the other is ½ story below ground, and both phases accommodate the parking spaces and the vertical access to the main facility. The vehicle access way, the service areas and the pavilion for pedestrian access way have been located right on the main façade, which faces east, towards Avenida Caonabo. The pedestrian access pavilion is vertically linked to the parking area on the lower levels and through it to the gym and access lobby that opens towards a plaza on the third level, around which the dwelling units have been structured following the shape of an inverted U that generates two organizing nuclei. The service nucleus is linked to the service area units. It has a service elevator, a fire escape and the typical technical features. The main nucleus, in turn, faces the plaza and from it vertical access is gained towards the dwelling units (by elevators or stairs) while also leading to an atrium or inner garden that is seven stories high. The building consists of 26 dwelling units, 22 of which have been designed using two distinct spatial alternatives with an approximate area of 240 sq. m. There are also 4 penthouses with two distinct spatial alternatives, two of which with an approximate area of 380 sq. m. while the other two have an approximate area of 620 sq. m. The architectural volume is an element that conforms to the urban character of the very corner where it is located and defines the very basic structure of the building, where a series of volumes and eaves integrate and allow for different types of openings and new volumes that themselves define a peculiar dialogue between interior and exterior, these being the main features that define the formal discourse of the actual design proposal.


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    this buiding is very visually impressive--clean and minimal from the exterior--however the actual condos (although spacious) leave much to be desired; neither of the three (3) units i walked through had a true master suite, all the bathrooms were inexplicably small and lacked amenities like whirlpool tubs (which one would expect with so many ferraris and range rovers in the parking garage) is as if a completely different architect designed the interiors. also, for a building so close to the waterfront, the views were very disappointing as a taller residencial building directly adjacent to the south preventing any ocean vistas.
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