Gheorghe Lazar Apartment Block

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Gheorghe Lazar Apartment Block
Apartment block Apartment block and offices, 5A Gheorghe Lazar Str., S1, Bucharest * clients: Nicolau Nicolae, Mircea Vasiloglu * general designer: SC CRIBA PROCONSTRUCT SRL * author: Cristina Olga Gociman * collaborator architects: arh. Claudiu Hogea, arh. Iulian Oanta * structure: ing. Emil Ghenadi, ing. Nicolae Tudose * installations thermal, climate, sanitary, electrical: ing. Horia Cretu, ing. Mihnea Zamfir * interior design: arh. Simona Ciurea * contractor: SC DUNAREA DEVELOPMENT * status: executed 2006-2007 The neighbour buildings to the intersection Gheorghe Lazar Street and Cobalcescu Street reveal an eclectically composed language, with deep loggias and bow windows with a drawing of the soil displayed sometimes horizontally, sometimes vertically, with a powerful marking of the cornice. The existent chromatics of yellow or white fields with woodworks and confections painted brown impose a consonance. Alternative consoles underlined by deep shadows stimulate the composition. The macro-frame that limits it is dematerialized in the superior corner, structurally cutting the sky. (Cristina Olga Gociman) Playing with limits, with a quiet imagination, with the imagination responsible just for conceiving details: the balconies are shaped “in bow-window` mode, the facades are, each, particularly defined and the cornice evokes an intimate cover; the whole seems being protected by the “attitude` of the lateral façade, like an arm embracing the building (C. H.) The building represents an exercise of integration in an existing housing network of a protected zone of Bucharest, with old buildings of the 19th century. Maintaining the same height, the same texture, materials, function and also preserving the spirit of the place was the main purpose of the project, following the words in the Bible: “love your close ones, like you love yourself`.


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