Gateway - Brussels International Airport

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Gateway - Brussels International Airport
Gateway Interactive meeting place in the heart of the airport The Gateway project includes the renovations of an existing administration building that was part of the old terminal (the so-called Skyhall) at the old Brussels Airport. The building was originally constructed in the period 1958-1959 and forms part of the site of the Zaventem national airport. This administration building is characterised by an exceptionally modernistic style peculiar to the spirit of this period (the 1950s). The renovation of the building is not intended to detract from the original architectural vision, but rather add to it with physical construction and functional criteria with which a modern office building must comply. In its original form, the building consists of a U-shaped ground plan of three building blocks constructed around a central open courtyard. With the renovation, a building block will be added so that the courtyard will be completely enclosed. This space will be restyled as a covered atrium with a fully glazed cupola as a roof. As a result of this renovation design the interior organisation of the building will be changed completely. In future, the atrium will serve as a central meeting place and hub for all movement for the whole building: all staff and visitors will enter the building via this area. The layout of the atrium is designed as a green indoor garden with trees more than 15 meters tall, into which pathways, a reception desk, water features and seating arrangements are worked. At the centre of the atrium, six panoramic passenger lifts are installed. Passenger bridges connect them to each of the four parts of the building. The renovation increases the functional flexibility of the building, which is aimed at a broad potential from small to larger companies. They can continue to function individually and at the same time make use of a number of shared facilities. The atrium has a direct connection to the airport building, the underground railway station and the adjacent car park buildings. This ensures that this building has optimal accessibility. The train timetables and flight schedules can be consulted from within the atrium, turning the atrium into an interactive zone focused on mobility. At the same time, it serves as a relaxation area and a green meeting place at the heart of Zaventem airport. The building will furthermore be completely refurnished with all the facilities that can be expected of a conventional, modern office building.


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