Gate Lodge
Gate Lodge is a small house located at Mount Austin Road on Victoria Peak. Located on the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong, it was built between 1900 and 1902. It is a part of the former complex known as Mountain Lodge. The main Mountain Lodge was home to the then Governor of Hong Kong, but it no longer exists as it was demolished in 1946. The Gate Lodge remains, but it is not used as an official residence. Gate Lodge is in Renaissance style. It was declared as a monument in 1995. The Gate Lodge originally served as living quarters for the keeper of Mountain Lodge. It is now preserved in Victoria Peak Garden and used as a site office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Future development
In order to put the building to meaningful use and leverage its historical legacy, Senior Government Architect Raymond Fung said it will be used as a public gallery. "What we are going to do is to open this gate door, so that you can enter this 100 square feet (9.3 m 2) space inside where we will put pictures and descriptions about the history of Victoria City and also Hong Kong in general, therefore giving information of our history to visitors."