Gapyong Space Invader

Our good friend Young Joon Kim asked us to join forces in a competition for a residential development in the city of Gapyong, not far from Seoul. The ambition of yo2 and Kolon EC, the client for this project, is to create an environment that can serve as an alternative for the typical tower block. This typology has dominated the cityscape of urban Korea in the last 30 or so years, explain NL architects. Would it be possible to offer a more suburban lifestyle with a similar density? The masterplan cosists of an array of housing types on the slope of a hill overlooking a valley and the North Han River. Each 'height line' has been developed by different architects. We were allocated a stretched plot surrounded by forest on the steepest part of the development. The Gapyong Space Invader consists of a stacked unit: one single story bungalow below and a two story apartment on top. The units are grouped in clusters of four; a norrow patio or alley separates the units. Four of these 'mats' are aaranged in a sequence a frozen cascade. The lower house is about eighteen meters long and seven and a half meters wide. If features window on three sides that overlook the 3 connected gardens. A technical zone in the dark area serves as a backbone. The three sleeping rooms face the surrounding forest and the living room opens up to the court. The house on top in principle is the same size, but is cut on two thirds of the lengh. The short section is placed on top: a friendly ziggurat comes into being.  The second level has large terraces on both ends that actually can considered gardens; a fairly thick layer of soil will allow plants, trees and even vegetables to grow on these balconies. The new ground level that is thus introduced will hopefully evoke the impression of a real ground related dwelling, which in some conditions can function as a psychological advantage. Apartment becomes House.


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