Gaoligong Museum of Handcraft Paper

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Gaoligong Museum of Handcraft Paper
The museum is situated in a beautiful landscape next to a village under Gaoligong Mountain of Yunnan, a world ecological preserve area in southwest of China.  The village has a long tradition on hand-craft paper making. To exhibit the history and culture of paper making, this building will include museum, bookstore, office and guest rooms. 
The spatial concept is to create a visiting experience alternating between interior of gallery and landscape outside when visitor walks through the museum, so as to provoke an awareness of the significance of environment. The building thus is conceived as a micro-village, a cluster of several small buildings.   
The local Sha wood will be used as both for structural and finish material. The structure will use traditional column and beam system with a nail-less Sun and Mao connection, a system which can be done skillfully by local constructors. Bamboo is used as roof material. With time passed, these material will be worn and fade into a more harmonious color with the landscape.
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