Ganey Savyon

Design 2002
Build 2008

Medical complex 333,400sqft (31,000m2)
Vast gardens & coffee shops 4.94 acre (20,000m2)

Hotel 204,400 sqft (19,000m2)
Ground level – lobby, BOH, coffee shop & restaurant that opens to the gardens – 26,900 sqft (2500m2)
Fourteen levels with 200 suits 177,500 sqft (16,500m2)

Hospital 64,500 sqft (6000m2)
Six floors with six wards
Roof deck with pool

Two underground parking levels 64,500 sqft (6000m2)
Surface parking

Cast-in-place concrete structure
Glass curtain walls & gray Romanian marble cladding over CMU shell

Design info:
The underground parking levels are lit by natural light through oversized, pyramid-shaped light wells.
The lobby curtain wall enclosure creates a six-floor opening that is capped with an amazing, oversized skylight.


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