GAD is a mobile gallery for contemporary art consisting of ten containers.


GAD is based on the idea that this semi- temporary gallery, can easily be disassembled, moved and reassembled at any location, within a few days. Ten ordinary steel containers make the basis of the project. Five of them generates the ground floor, three surrounds the central first floor courtyard and the final two closes the square shaped building, giving access to the top floor balcony. Industrial ladders and stairs connect the containers, as they are a part of the main circulation system through the gallery. By designing the components to overlap only partly, the composition of the building seems light and airy, giving GAD lots of covered and exposed outdoor space.

The containers are insulated on the inside, and covered with sheets of plywood and sheetrock (GWB) all painted white, giving the space clean surfaces excellent for a gallery. The containers have circular windows placed opposite each other, sky lights and floor- to -ceiling safety glass windows at the end of each container, that allow large amounts of crisp northern light to flow through the building. GAD is an open and extroverted unit, suitable for any environment and an exciting playground to expose art.


17 photos and 6 drawings

Building Activity