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HOME “Ambient light, ambient air, no fuss about detail, awareness in a quite way that the sweetness of functioning is architecture. In a real building, the light and the space and the air are one. Sniff the air, sense the space, know how to act. How to keep this sense of what is going on – where the light and the air is coming from, how to get in and out..., that is the question...” A. + P. Smithson, in: Changing the Art of Inhabitation, London, Munich, 1994 We chose the quotation since it defines our inspiration while we were designing this house building. For us the beauty of a home is evaluated by its being as functional, comfortable, simple and peaceful. Therefore there is nothing much to do for the architect... just a functional space, the right usage of light and details.. CITY & CONTEXT Istanbul is a unique city with its overlapped layers, culture, patterns and topography. It offers a quite rich experience of metropolis with its chaotic / harsh structure, yet beautiful and calming geographic location. In recent years the city has been undergoing a heavy construction activity mainly focused on housing. New suburbs are created in order to meet the demand of the market. This attempts are generally resulted with creating “gated communities” which offers “everything” (!). Architecture is a tool of marketing the “product” focusing on the middle class+above, generally using the copy / paste styles. The new architecture spreading through the city edges have high walls to protect the user from the “other” which does not have a clear definition. In this perspective our question was to “how to position ourselves (+our building) in this situation (+in site)?” The building has an organic connection to the city which creates a very “fragile” position, at the same time its uncompromising architecture has a powerfull contrast with the surrounding. In interior spaces we tried to create a calming atmosphere. Ground floor is reserved for commercial usage, this gave us the opportunity to lift the apartments 5 metres, partially isolating them from the street.


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