Fyllingsdalen Church

Fyllingsdalen Church (Norwegian: Fyllingsdalen kirke) is a parish church in Bergen. The white, concrete church was built in 1976 by the architect Helge Hjertholm. The modern-looking church has a unique curved roofline. The sanctuary seats about 350 people, but it expandable up to about 600. The church was consecrated on 3 December 1976.

The soft curves of the church is intended to match the contours of the hills in the park area in which it is placed, and as a contrast to the right-angled apartment buildings in the area. The circular shape is however derived from its inner function, with the altar in the center of a semi-circle, at the point where the roof is at its tallest and where light streams down from above the altar down to the congregation. Outside the sanctuary are a semi-circle of rooms for everday activities such as offices, kitchen, meeting rooms and waiting rooms.



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