Fujitsubo Beauty Parlour

This copper-clad beauty parlour is called Fujitsubo, in english barnacle. It is an experimental expression of the architects manipulation and display of light and time.

The building has three skylight roof openings which provide natural light into the interior of the beauty parlour. This natural light is then carried further in to the building by slit-like openings in the floor, which in turn can be seen from the street level through its large glass windows. Thereby, expressing the image of a vessel of light.  It is, also, a message of nature in an area where there is an abundance of artificial light. Structurally, the shape of a barnacle with its thin yet hard cladding being the image, the three four-cornered conical forms in reinforced concrete are the structural elements for the roof and walls. Copper sheets cover the intricate shapes of the roof and walls as the finish material for the building, which has incorporated the exterior insulation construction method. The copper sheet cladding of the roof and walls is changing as the time passes, expressing 'Time' in an area where information and environment are ever rapidly changing. This small piece of architecture is an experimental expression of the universal theme of light and time.

It is located in the trendy area of Omotesando right behind the famous Omotesando Hills designed by Tadao Ando.


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