Frost Building

The Frost Building is a curved building on the south east side of Queen's Park Crescent in Toronto, Ontario. The building is owned by the Government of Ontario and is part of the large Queen's Park campus. The Frost Building is home to various ministries of the Ontario government, primarily the Ministry of Finance. It is divided into a north block and a south block, with the north block located on 95 Grosvenor Street and the south block located on 7 Queen's Park Crescent.

The Frost Building is also commonly referred to as the Ontario Treasury Building. The south block of the building has 7 floors; the top floor housing the Office of the Minister of Finance and the Office of the Deputy Minister of Finance. The current Finance Minister of Ontario is The Honourable Dwight Duncan and the Deputy Minister of Finance is Peter Wallace.

The building is a landmark of modern office building architecture in Canada, dating from the early 1950s. It was one of the first totally "modern look" buildings without any of the fancy curlicues of older buildings. It was also original in that it follows the curve of the street on which it resides. It is named for former Premier of Ontario Leslie Frost.

Coordinates: 43°39′39″N 79°23′22″W / 43.660968°N 79.389508°W / 43.660968; -79.389508