FREITAG Flagship Store

The Geroldstrasse area is largely influenced and shaped by its location between several traffic axes. It contains scattered smaller buildings for vibrant temporary uses as well as intensely used storage wasteland. The project’s presence enriches the area with a publicly appealing daytime use. By setting the structure back from the street, the span of the bordering wasteland area is marked. While the base contains a retail store, the tower figures as a landmark in the midst of the international traffic axes of railway and individual traffic. The seventeen used overseas cargo containers were specially selected in Hamburg and fraught to Zurich by railway, where they were stacked and mounted in a very authentic manner, by applying fastener elements used in the shipping industries. Large window openings provide the showrooms with daylight, and allow views in both directions: from the inside out and vice versa. The customer is led past the range of products, consisting of over 1500 bags, up to an observation platform at approximately 25 meters above ground and thus to an extraordinary view over the city of Zurich, the traffic, the lake and the mountains.

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    FREITAG Flagship Store FREITAG Flagship Store FREITAG Flagship Store FREITAG Flagship Store FREITAG Flagship Store
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