Foxburg Country Club
Foxburg Country Club, established in 1887, is the oldest golf course "in continuous use" in the United States. It was listed as Foxburg Country Club and Golf Course on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located in Foxburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America, approximately 55 miles north of Pittsburgh along the Allegheny River. The course was built by and is named after Joseph Mickle Fox. Fox was introduced to golf while traveling abroad in England to partake in cricket matches, as a member of the Merion Cricket Club, also known as "The Gentlemen of Philadelphia." After participating in a cricket match in Edinburgh, Scotland, Fox visited St. Andrews to see the game of golf being played. Tom Morris Sr., the old bearded pro at St. Andrews took a liking to Fox and taught him the fundamentals of the game, sold him equipment and gutta percha balls to bring back to the United States. Fox was so intrigued by golf, that upon his arrival back to his summer estate in Clarion County, he made an eight hole course on the Fox Estate. Soon, due to enthusiasm for golf, the cub decided to build a more spacious golf course and Fox provided the land rent free, for what was to become Foxburg Country Club. Eventually, the Foxburg Golf Club was established and the golf course was expanded to nine holes. Many golfers who have played at Foxburg have stated that it is an easy course, but also challenging at the same time. Due to the amount of trees and brush, keeping it in the fairway is crucial and this remains true even in 2010. Foxburg Country Club is a throwback in time and considered a "must play" by true lovers of the game of golf if passing through on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania. The course is approximately 5 minutes south of the Interstate.

American Golf Hall of Fame
The Foxburg Country Club is home to the American Golf Hall of Fame. This museum houses an extensive collection of extremely old and valuable golf clubs and artifacts from many different eras (prior to 1900) of the game. The museum is free and located on the top floor of the Foxburg Clubhouse.