Fox Tower is a 27-story office building in Portland, Oregon. It opened in 2000, making it Portland's most recently opened major office building. TVA Architects designed the building and Tom Moyer developed the property. The building is named after the Fox Theatre which occupied the site from 1911 until the late 1990s.

The building is most notable for the contrast between its curving east side and boxy west side. The juxtaposition of the building's angles create a unique profile from each side. This multiplanar and set-back design is meant to prevent as much of the building's shadow as possible from falling upon Pioneer Courthouse Square on the opposite corner. The ground floor houses retail stores, and Regal's Fox Tower 10 movie theater is located on the second floor. The 462-space underground parking garage was the deepest in Portland when built. In 2006 the Fox Tower's developer, Tom Moyer, started construction of an underground garage on the block to the west, connected to the Fox Tower garage. This new parking structure opened in December 2007. Because the west block lies slightly uphill from the Fox Tower, the west garage is deeper than the Fox Tower garage, relative to ground level. The new garage is an underground facility, with a City of Portland park on top of the garage. Construction and landscaping for the park was started by the City of Portland in March 2008. The underground parking is also planned to be connected to the Park Avenue West Tower.

Building Activity

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