Four Seasons Sowwah

This luxury business hotel on Sowwah Island takes full advantage of its extraordinary
waterfront location. Set at the very heart of Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi's new financial
district, it is adjacent to the new headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange,
ADX and enjoys expansive waterfront views. A slender tower is contrasted against a low
podium, creating a powerful interplay of vertical and horizontal elements. The proposal
creates a distinctive setting with an extensive podium of public functions and retail.
Richly layered facades complement the crisp geometric massing.
Gardens create the settings for hotel and residential drop-offs, bringing architecture
and landscape into a harmonious whole. FSAD comprises approximately 200 keys and
‘I25 residences with access to services provided by the hotel. Below podium level, two
floors of retail face onto the waterfront promenade. Behind this retail, back-of-house
space for the hotel, parking and plant areas are located. The massing maintains an
urban order around the centrepiece stock exchange.
The design responds to the climate and culture of its setting, drawing on a long heritage
of regional building with strategies that protect the interior from the extremes of sun
and wind. Traditional elements such as shade-screens, thermal mass and carefully
integrated building, water and landscape are reinterpreted in a contemporary
architecture to create a lush and sensual interior environment.

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