Foster Field

Foster Field is a baseball stadium in San Angelo, Texas. It was built in 2000 for the San Angelo Colts and the Angelo State University Rams. The Colts play in the North American League and are the primary tenants. The Angelo State University Rams Baseball team is the secondary tenant in the facility. The stadium is located on the campus of Angelo State University. The stadium can seat 4,200 fans.

Foster Field, originally named Colts Stadium, cost $3 million dollars to construct and was built by Jim Anglea, the former head groundskeeper for the Ballpark at Arlington. It was named after Walton A. Foster, a radio and television pioneer who also served as the radio broadcaster for the original Colts franchise in the 1950s.

The field features 4,200 permanent seats and a Triple-A lighting system. It features a 82-foot-wide (25 m), 21-foot-high (6.4 m) LED scoreboard. The scoreboard includes a 15+3⁄4-foot-tall (4.8 m), 21-foot-wide (6.4 m) high-definition video screen. Both the scoreboard and the video screen are the largest in all facilities used in the United League and all DII Baseball. In addition, the facility has a large press box area, major-league style dugouts and a complete training and locker room facility. The field also has state-of-the-art bullpens and batting cages for practice and warmup. There are also concession and restroom areas and special clubhouse-style seating areas for entertaining corporate sponsors located on either side of the press box.

The field is covered by Tif 419 grass, an elite grass designed and genetically-engineered especially for ballparks. The field dimensions are 325 feet (99 m) down the lines, 370 feet (110 m) to the gaps and 395 feet (120 m) to deep center field.


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