Forum Istanbul Shopping Center

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Forum Istanbul Shopping Center
Built : 2009 Site Area : 164.000 sqm. Total Conctruction Area : 400.000 sqm. Photographs by : Benjamin Struelens Forum Istanbul Project was developed in a design partnership between ERA, BDP, T+T, and Chapman Taylor for Bayrampasa district where E5 highway marks the south boundary of the site, the east and north ends are lined off by tramlines. Forum Istanbul Project was developed for Bayrampasa district while D100 highway marks the south boundary of the site, the east and north ends are lined off by tramlines. The project is a mixed-use development including retail, residential, office and entertainment areas settled in three combined parcels. The project's retail functions cover a shopping center with 100.000 sqm leasable area, 15.000 sqm hypermarket, 30.000 sqm Ikea Store, 10.000 sqm DIY stores, and 5.000 sqm sport store with large parking space for 5.500 vehicles. 20.000 sqm of office area is also supporting retail functions. The shopping center is planned on four storeys with shops, department stores, restaurants, leisure area, and cinemas, and a 7.500 sqm aquarium was designed in the basement levels where ocean life can be discovered. The building is inspired by a concept ‘city within the city’ is aimed that the building will be a part of the city structure. The roof is considered to be the fifth facade as the first impression of the building would be from the vehicles passing by the highway viaduct. A traditional city structure has inspired the design masterplan. A city like image and scale is aimed through a combination of different buildings on the exterior as well as interior spaces. Pedestrian entrance from the north leads the user directly to the Great Dome. Great Dome is a circular gathering area which provides usage of controlled natural light by its two layered dome. From this area to the south, there is a mall called as Boulevard. This area, which will be illuminated entirely by natural light, will have urban, symmetrical and balanced character. This mall, which connects three shopping storeys vertically, is connected to IKEA with a bridge at its south end. Boulevard meets the Great Court at the south of the building. The design of this space is based on the concept ‘building within a building’ and so the user feels entering a different building. Great Court includes an inner court which is surrounded by restaurants and an elliptical performance space at the top storey. From Great Court to the north west there lies a circular formed mall. This mall is called as Crescent due to its form. The character of Crescent is determined by the usage of both natural and artificial lights, illuminated and shaded spaces, sculpturesque forms, contrasts and asymmetries. Cross Street connects the Crescent and Boulevard malls as an intimate passageway. The point where Crescent is connected to north-west is an important entrance which provides pedestrian entrance directly from the metro station. This entrance is opened to Garden Oasis which is a circular formed open platform. This piazza, which welcomes the comers through metro, is an informal, refreshing, impulsive place where restaurants and cafes serve. Residential in the west part of the project site is planned to set at the second phase. Forum Istanbul houses are settling on the 50.000 sqm of area, consist of 750 units of housing, underground car parks, indoor and outdoor sports and social facilities. 3 tower and 3 horizontal blocks are placed at the edges to compose an area at the center which is supported with social and recreative facilities called "urban living space"


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