Fortaleza do Monte

Fortaleza do Monte (Portuguese for Mount Fortress, also Monte Forte, officially Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora do Monte de São Paulo, in English: Fortress of Our Lady of the Mount of St. Paul; Chinese: 大炮台) is the historical military centre of the former Portuguese colony of Macau, in the People's Republic of China. It is part of the "Historic Centre of Macau", a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The fort was initially built in the 16th century for protecting the properties of Jesuit in Macau. Later it was seized by the Governor, for the defense of Macau.

The Museum of Macau was built on the hill in the 1990s. The tree covered park at the top of the fort has a panaromic view of the mainland area of Macau.

The fortress was built in 1617-1626 by Jesuits and has served various functions:

  • First residence of the Governors of Macau
  • Macau Museum
  • Meteorological Department

Building Activity

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