Fort Tas-Silġ

Fort Tas-SilÄ¡ is a fortification on the island of Malta. It stands on high ground at the shoreward end of Delimara Point, above Il-Ħofra-z-Zgħira. It is a Polygonal fort and was built by the British. Its primary function was as a fire control point controlling the massed guns of Fort Delimara on the headland below. The fort is a classic example of the type. The gatehouse, and the shoreward ditch are in fair repair, but there has been considerable collapse of the inner face of the north ditch. Fort Tas-SilÄ¡ is one of a ring of forts and batteries that protected Marsaxlokk harbour, along with Fort Delimara seaward along Delimara point, Fort St Lucian on Kbira point in the middle of Marsaxlokk bay, Fort Benghisa on Bengħisa Point, and the Pinto and Ferreti batteries on the shores of Marsaxlokk Bay. In th 50s the Fort was used by the RAF (100 Signals Unit). During this time the Camp mascot was a dog named Dodger. One of the Aerials on the camp was used in the film 'The Malta Story'. The fort is now used by "The Island Sanctuary" as a refuge for dogs. Approximately 300 meters north of Fort Tas-Silg is the St Paul's battery, a much smaller polygonal style fortification, that is in much worse repair. Coordinates: 35í‚°50′N 14í‚°33′E / 35.833í‚°N 14.55í‚°E / 35.833; 14.55

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