Fort McCulloch

Fort McCulloch was a Confederate military fort built by CSA Brigadier General Albert Pike in the Indian Territory during the American Civil War after the Battle of Pea Ridge.


After the southern states seceded from the United States of America, Albert Pike negotiated treaties between the Five Civilized Tribes and the Confederate government, promising that the Confederacy would take over the obligations that the Union failed to fulfill and take over defense for the Indian Territory. Pike was appointed commander of the Department of the Indian Territory.

Pike's Native American troops participated in the Battle of Pea Ridge near Leetown, Arkansas in March 1862. The battle was a defeat for the Confederate Army, and Pike retreated to the southern Indian Territory. On the west side of the Blue River near Nail's Crossing, he established Fort McCulloch, named for General Benjamin McCulloch, who fell in battle at Pea Ridge.

Fort McColloch was built to defend Texas from a Union attack. It had extensive earthworks designed to defend against any advance.

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