Fort Koshkonong

Fort Koshkonong (Fort Cosconong) was located at a site which today is in the city of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, about three blocks east of Main St. along Milwaukee Ave. General Henry Atkinson was the commander of the fort during the Black Hawk War. It was used as a station for local militia units and the US regulars in the region to scout the British Band. Black Hawk was in the same general area, but evaded capture and started to flee towards the Wisconsin River. The original fort was abandoned following the conflict and was dismantled by local settlers for the wood. The fort's location is along the Rock River and is marked with a monument. There is also a replica of the fort built during the 1930s by the WPA. It's over all size is somewhat larger than the actual fort, but gives a good representation of how it looked during the Black Hawk War.

Fort Koshkonong shares its name with Lake Koshkonong, which is several miles downriver. That lake is very shallow, and at the time the fort was active, before it was dammed, was actually more of a marsh than a lake.

According to USGS GNIS, the Fort was located at 42°55′37″N 088°49′52″W / 42.92694°N 88.83111°W / 42.92694; -88.83111Coordinates: 42°55′37″N 088°49′52″W / 42.92694°N 88.83111°W / 42.92694; -88.83111. The replica is located about a mile and a half west in Rock River Park at 42°55.541′N 088°51.475′W / 42.925683°N 88.857917°W / 42.925683; -88.857917.