Fordham Spire
Proposed for a prominent 2.2 acre site on North Water Street, adjacent to Lake Shore Drive and near the entrance to Navy Pier, the Fordham Spire will rise to a height of 1,458 feet at its roof and approximately 2,000 feet at the tip of its spire, making it the tallest building in the nation. 

  Calatrava’s design is a tall, slender form whose glass facade seems to ripple downward in waves, like the folds of a cloak swirling around a figure. This effect is achieved by means of a structural innovation.
Each floor unit of the tower is built out from the central core like a separate box, with gently curving, concave sides. As these boxes are stacked up, each is rotated by a little more than 2 degrees from the one below. The result is that the floors turn 270 degrees around the core as they rise, giving the facade an impression of movement.

  The design not only provides the building with its majestic profile but ingeniously allows for the design of living space with a freedom not normally available in high-rises. Condominium residences will feature unparalleled views through floor-to-ceiling windows; column-free, unobstructed floor plans; and access to the amenities of the building’s five-star hotel. The twisting form of the tower provides a structural advantage by reducing the impact of wind turbulence, which affects all tall buildings. The irregularity of the tower’s surface ensures that wind forces are reflected from the facade in multiple directions, rather than building up as a single force. In this way, the design averts extremes of lateral movement. The design for Fordham Spire brings together issues of form and structure that Santiago Calatrava has been investigating for more than a dozen years through two distinct series of works.

  The first of these themes is best known through the wing-like sunscreen that opens and closes over Calatrava’s addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum (2001). This series of investigations involves the rippling movement, either actual or implied, generated by the progressive displacement of separ...


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