Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov

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Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov


      Based solutions arena stadium and surrounding territory, formed a desire to meet all UEFA requirements for stadiums 4-th category, the desire of the customer was to obtain additional land for commercial use (at least 3000 square meters). It was also an important factor that the building is located outside the city limits, the territory on all sides surrounded by pine plantations, with a flat topography. The result was the decision to have the stadium in a single, coherent volume, with the recommendations of «buttresses» the input of groups combined with the ticket offices. Bionic shape of the building, a new object relates to the natural environment, creating a memorable and iconic object symbol, new platform of urban activity in the bowl of the stadium and at venues around him.

    Arena stadium and its territory was placed so as to ensure that:

- Good accessibility for transport to the stadium and that the flow of traffic and pedestians is delineated;

- There was maximum preservation of existing landscape and trees;

    The Sleek, rounded shape, of the stadium facade, passes gradually into the roof. Even with its relatively small size, the stadium gives an impression of being visually large in dimension. The decision to form a continuous facade «shell» allows for good acoustic properties in the arena on two fronts: it does not allow noise to penetrate from outside and, at the same time, enhances the effect of the support team fans. During training the team can also fully concentrate on studies without being distracted by extraneous noises.

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