Flower Market
 Flower Market, Barcelona by Willy Müller Architects 

Willy Müller Architects’ design for the flower market Mercabarna-Flor reflects its function by taking its inspiration from aerial flower fields. The colours descend and rise to organize entrances along the building. The zinc roof has been designed with vertical bars of colour that imitate the aerial view of cultivated flower fields. The roof folds between the walls and floors to create entrances, loading zones or sheltered areas around the perimeter of the building. Its analogy with a shell gives the building an organic associative character. The roof unifies the whole complex which includes 500 parking spaces, a loading zone, a gastronomic restaurant, an office zone and two florist education centres and in addition a multipurpose space for events. While the roof is the big integrating element of this market, in the interior three conceptually different markets are located each of them with its own specific characteristics and logistic and technical conditions, according to the product on sale. One part is meant for the Cut Flower Market, with modern industrial cooling systems, since the product has a fast turn over with a selling time of only three days. On the other end of the complex the Plant Market is located, designed with heating systems with a radiant industrial floor, one of the biggest in Europe with 4000m². So besides being a vending zone, this sector is also a storage zone or greenhouse during this period of time. In the middle of these two opposite sector the Accessory Market is located, an especially delicate sector, because of its elevated fire risk, due to fact that they work with dried flowers and that the sale requests a considerable storage area. A subsector has especially been designed to detect and extinguish fires, based on the experience that in a traumatic way forms part of the history of the Market, which caught fire and was destructed in the year 2001.


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