Flash-Geo Fashion Shop
Flash-Geo Fashion Shop Project Name: Flash-Geo Fashion Shop Project Address: Ri Tan International Shopping Center, Beijing, China Project Size: 577 m2 Time: 2009.3.6 Taking advantage of the double height ceiling and the main requirement of blocking interior from passers view, we created a waving curtain wall in golden to silver gradation mosaic which extents into the interior, covering all, floor and walls.Femininity, gentle beauty, and tender beauty Building Facade Design: in connection with the costume orientation of particularly mature female design, in the architectural façade design, it adopts the curved surface wall full of streaming dynamism, the exquisite elaboration of the streamlining curve well displayed the gentle and tender traits of the femininity, and boldly adopts mosaic as its metope decorations with even transition from golden to silver colors, imbuing the architectural luster with aesthetic tenderness and dynamism. The nearly round window cavity and the irregular windowing direction make the lighting of the 2nd floor space filled with more theatricality. Interior Design: The same as the architectural facade, in the 1st floor indoor exhibition hall divides the hall space in the form of a “free island”, the irregular white blanket becomes all the more prominent in the golden mosaic environment, and the column assumes a light shuttle design with a small top and a big bottom, seemingly a part of the wall of the indoor space, the clothes rail is designed as a free arc line, as if a musical note dancing in the space. And it looks like so beautify.


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