Fire station Oudenaarde
FIRE STATION OUDENAARDE BELGIUM The new Fire Station of Oudenaarde is located strategically just outside the city centre. The facility is situated near the main road, linking the different municipalities around Oudenaarde. The neighbouring areas are occupied by companies and offices. The building is a 'no nonsense'-building with as a design starting point, the program of requirements, with its various parameters and restrictions. No mannerism, no desire to create anything that does not stem from the preconditions of the design. The construction and materialization of the building was developed based on the analysis of the organization of the department. The design approach was not to produce an object but to render the 'use' of the building. The design follows the logical flow of the organization of the department. The ground floor houses the practical facilities. Following an alarm call, the voluntary firemen arrive at the parking place. They change clothes in the dressing room ( captured between the two departure areas ) and drive the fire engine directly on to the main road. After extinguishing the fire, they still need to prepare the equipment in the 'check up area' (cleaning hoses, renewing hoses, filling up the watertank, renewing oxygen bottles, ...). for the next alarm call. The tower, apart from being a true landmark for its surrounding areas, is also being used for training purposes and drying the hoses. Next to this zone, is a fully equipped garage. The south-facing refectory receives sunlight through the curved surface. The facilities needing natural light, are located on the first floor : the offices, the classroom/emergency centre. The radio room is a street-oriented extension of the fire station itself. From this transparent bulge, firemen are not only in complete control of all inner areas, but also in direct contact with the teams on the site. This ‘break-out’ room has an overview on the departure areas. The use of natural materials has been primordial, fully in line with the ecological consciousness of our time. Being a sustainable building, constructed in reinforced concrete (to store heat and coldness in the thermal mass), it is not only equipped with a heat pump, but also with a ventilation system working with an underground heat exchanger. Design year : 2007 Construction year : 2008-2009 Plot area : 2.447 m²


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