Fir Park
Fir Park Stadium is a football stadium situated in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. The stadium plays host to the home matches of Scottish Premier League club Motherwell. The club moved into the new ground in 1895, leaving behind their ground for 9 years, Dalziel Park, located half-a-mile to the west of the stadium. The stadium is all-seater with a capacity of 13,742. The record attendance for the stadium is 35,632 against Rangers in a 1952 Scottish Cup match. Today, the stadium has an unbalanced look about it, with one large stand contrasting with three smaller stands. Until recently, the Davie Cooper and South stands had their advertising slogans changed whenever the club's sponsor changes, and are perhaps best known for displaying " M O T O R O L A", which adorned the stands for many years. Both of these stands were designed by Scottish architect Bill Dickie .

The Phil O'Donnell Stand
The Phil O'Donnell Stand, was built in 1960 as the Main Stand. The stand was renamed The Phil O'Donnell Stand in honour of the late Motherwell captain who died on the Fir Park pitch. It is an unusual structure in that the steel girders run for the full length of the pitch, but the stand only runs for two thirds the length of the pitch. This was due to a dispute with a home owner beside the stadium during construction, which the club lost, and thus were unable to complete the stand across the whole length of the pitch . During the construction of the South and Davie Cooper Stands, the main stand was re-clad and given a makeover to complement the modernised stadium. The stand has two hospitality suites: The Centenary Suite and The Millennium Suite. It also has a roof-mounted gantry for television cameras, and press facilities. The club have spent a substantial amount of money on fireproofing the stand in recent years, despite some rumour that it may be rebuilt at some point in the future, due to rising maintenance costs.

The South Stand
The South Stand is the biggest stand at the ground. It is a massive two-tiered structure which was built in 1993. It normally houses the away support, however it is used for home supporters on some occasions. It has a row of corporate boxes running along between the two tiers, a gymnasium and warm up area. It recently had an advertisement for Lanarkshire 2011 International Children's Games erected on the roof.

The East Stand
The East Stand was formley an area of open terracing, which was eventually roofed. To meet the Taylor Report requirements, this terrace was made all seated, and re-cladded to complement the new South Stand, and refurbished Main Stand as well as the Davie Cooper Stand. This houses the more vocal support at Fir Park. The legendary slogan "KEEP CIGARETTES AWAY FROM THE MATCH" has adorned the roof for many years.

Davie Cooper Stand
Constructed in 1994, the stand was named in memory of Motherwell player Davie Cooper. It houses a club shop, the Davie Cooper Suite, and hospitality boxes. It is of relatively similar design to the South Stand, however it only has one tier.

During the 2007”“08 season, Gretna rented Fir Park from Motherwell and played all but one of their home league games there. The now-defunct borders club also played their UEFA Cup second qualifying round 1st leg against Derry City at the stadium.

Other uses
Over the years the stadium has played host to several Challenge Cup finals and League Cup semi finals. The two league cup semi-finals that were played at the stadium were Kilmarnock-Falkirk in 2007 and Hearts-St Mirren in 2010.

At the moment, there is much debate amongst fans over the future of Fir Park Stadium. At the 2008 annual general meeting, the club announced plans to investigate the possibility of a redevelopment of Fir Park Stadium, which is showing its age and will require major works some time in the future, or the possibility of a move to a new ground. Motherwell chairman John Boyle indicated at the club's AGM that the club would not be leaving Fir Park in the next 5”“10 years. A renovation of Fir Park Stadium is considered to be the most likely option. The club have spent a considerable amount of money fireproofing the Phil O'Donnell Stand as well as relaying the pitch and installing a new undersoil heating system towards the end of the end of the 2009”“10 season. Many fans believe that the club plan to rebuild the ageing Phil O'Donnell Stand and replace it with a newer and more modern structure. It is thought that if such works were to go ahead, the current South and Davie Cooper Stands would be retained, as both are relatively new and in good condition. In the future, a stadium move could become a reality. In June 2010, the club said that the repair of the pitch, which had come in for some fierce criticism in the latter part of the 2009-10 season, could be the last major investment at the stadium . However since this information is speculative at best, there has been no proposals as to a potential new site.

In recent seasons, Fir Park has received negative publicity for problems surrounding its pitch. In the 2007”“2008 Season, the Fir Park pitch was waterlogged for several games, leading to postponements and criticism from fans - both home and away support. The pitch problems also forced Gretna, who were ground-sharing with Motherwell at the time, to play one of their league games at Almondvale Stadium in Livingston. In season 2008”“09, a game against Hearts was called off due to the pitch being frozen. Motherwell again came under heavy fire from the media as the Under-soil heating should have prevented this. Mark McGhee, former manager of Motherwell also showed his annoyance at the situation. In season 2009”“10, the pitch underwent extensive remedial work costing £350,000 in the close season of 2009 and was ready for the 2009/10 Scottish Premier league season. However, Scotland suffered one of the worst winters in decades and this damaged the pitch greatly, resulting in a poor playing surface. The club did try to make the best of the situation by relaying both goal mouths. In season 2010”“11, the club removed the top few inches of the pitch and completely re-laided the pitch. They also added twisted sand fibre which should aid the pitch to not tear up so easily.

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