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In 1918, between Market & Cleveland Ave (also known as 55th street and currently Easthill St) the Hoover Mansion on Cleveland Ave was constructed.  The mansion was demolished in the 1970’s to create the Auburn Knolls allotment.

Herbert William Hoover, Sr., (H.W.) son of Hoover Company founder William H. “Boss” Hoover & his wife Susan Troxel Hoover, purchased the land that became the Hoover Farm, between 1922-1923.  His original 160 acre estate was west of this farm. The property was then known as the Edwin Rhiel farmland and was once also known as the Henry Everhard land.  H.W. along with his wife, Grace Louise Steele, originally named the property “PoHeJa” after the first two initials of his four children’s names: Polly, Herb, James & Jane.

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In 1924, local contractor Lester Kilgore built the main barn as well as many other small buildings on the grounds. The current Hoover Park (once known as Hoover Camp) has some of his buildings still on the property.  H.W. ventured into the dairy cattle business for a short time, selling milk commercially to customers like the once elite Onesto Hotel in downtown Canton as well as using the milk at the Hoover Company cafeteria.

The year 1925 brought the construction of the Lodge, which still stands on the Fieldcrest Estate property. The Hoover family made many vacation trips to Yellowstone and the Canadian Pacific park area where architecture such as this was prominent. The Lodge was patterned after a Colorado lodge built by close friend Louis M. Johnson.  Mr. Johnson was the New York Branch Manager for Hoover and a close family friend.  He also was an avid sportsman, a passion also shared with H.W.  They often went on hunting and fishing trips together. Some records indicate the Lodge on “PoHeJa” was almost a duplicate of the Colorado inspiration.  Logs used to build the Lodge are from the State of Washington. The family held dinners at the Lodge, especially Thanksgiving.  The paneling in the room is actually Wormy Chestnut but over the years this area has been referred to as The Oak Room or The Pine Room. There is a lovely bay window in this area and many items that decorate the lodge, from dishes to the pewter accessories, are from the travels and souvenir collection of Mrs. Hoover’s travels.

In 1959, the first of several remodeling projects were completed.  Remodeling the kitchen, altering the second floor elevations to include the loft Lodge accommodations on either side were part of these changes.  Three upscale suites, all with private baths, are now available for reservation.  The major addition in 1973 saw the conference room included on the Eastern portion of the facility as well as enlarging the kitchen.  The Lodge is now available for formal dinners, community receptions and meetings as well as the location of the weekly Fieldcrest Sunday Brunch Buffet.

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In 1988, the relocation of the Inn buildings took shape.  The Inn has 8 upscale rooms, varying in amenities, for reservation.  A common living room, dinette, formal dining room and billiard/game room await your enjoyment.  The Welcome Center and office of Fieldcrest Estate are adjacent to the Inn.
Also available as a fully-furnished accommodation is the Tea House.  Once the original farmhouse, which was partially constructed of hewed logs, the Tea House was renovated by Grace Hoover.  Ellsworth Smith, Art Director at The Hoover Company along with the entire art department, were quite involved with the decorating of the Tea House. Mrs. Hoover had planned on the home to be a commercial venture, but that did not come to fruition during her tenure. We would hope she would be pleased with its use and enjoyment had by our visitors today.

Through the years, many well known statesmen, business executives, former dignitaries, Presidents of the United States and other distinguished guests have taken leisurely strolls on the grounds while enjoying fine dining during their stays.

In 2004, Fieldcrest was established to preserve the historical integrity, promote peace and health by offering the property to the public for enjoyment and use. Emphasis on education for all ages and community involvement is important to Fieldcrest.

As we continue to progress while maintaining our historical perspective remember Fieldcrest is YOUR home for EVERY holiday.  Take the opportunity to visit during one of our own community events and availability every Sunday during our Brunch Buffets.  Follow us on our social media platforms to keep up with where we have been and where we are going …come home to Fieldcrest.


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