Fibrasa Connection, 3D model

The project designed by Königsberger Vannucchi Architects, Fibrasa Connection, located in Vitória, Espírito Santo, received on June 30th, the title of largest marker of augmented reality in the world registered by Guinness World Records.

At the launch of the building, the augmented reality - technology that integrates virtual and reality elements - was used in a innovative way: customers and prospective buyers could see the Fibrase Connection even before it is built.

Through a notebook display, cameras integrated to a helicopter flying over the ground, show a 3D model of the project fully integrated into the real world. One can view the project on board of the helicopter itself or in the sales booth, where the marker tag shows the animation on a 42 inches screen, along with cars and people moving. All via software.

This type of technology is being used frequently, but never on such a large scale. With this creation, the office Königsberger Vannucchi, Rossi Residencial and Brazil get a Guinness world record in one of the newest fields of computer science applied to the real world.

This concept of midia is unique and aligns itself with the character of the project´s design with 32000.00 square meters of built area, and high visibility in Vitoria’s landscape. Its bold design, also features items that reduce the ecological impact in nature.


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