Festspielgarage Erl

An elegant entrée for the new festival district: The new festival parking garage is the final component in the repositioning of the Tyrolean Festival Erl. The new parking garage with 430 parking spaces on three levels is built not far from the famous Passionsspielhaus and the spectacular new Winter Festival Hall. Due to the geometry of the terrain the parking garage does not need any ramps. Each parking level has a separate entry and exit.

Individual levels can be opened and closed depending on the demand. The building defines by its presence the transition between landscape (green meadows where cows graze) and the village of Erl. Seen from the south it is very carefully embedded in the landscape, from the north, however, it is clearly visible. Here, the garage becomes a stage for the festival guests: When exiting the garage, visitors enter a gallery overlooking the Inn valley. The festival houses come only gradually into view.


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