Ferrari S.p.A Management Headquarters

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Ferrari S.p.A Management Headquarters
Ferrari S.p.A
Management Headquarters
Maranello, Italy

The design for the new Management Headquarters by Massimiliano Fuksas, for Ferrari S.p.A, was the winning project in an International Competition. Construction of the new Ferrari Complex in Maranello, home town of the Ferrari factoria and the Scuderia Ferrari, started in 1997 with completion of the 150,000 square meter area planned for 2005. The general concept behind the project was to create an environment that would bring the employees closer to nature. Water, bamboo, ecological materials and biotechnology were the main factors in Massimiliano Fuksas' design of new Management Headquarters.

The main image of the building will be the shallow pools of water, bordered by rows of slender bamboo, that separate the two main volumes. The pools will reflect the light from the floor above through asymmetrical glass boxes that contain the vertical circulation and, at the same time, provide the structural elements for the suspended upper level. To further emphasize the idea of suspension the upper level is cantilevered 7 meters over the entrance and reception area.

The new Management Headquarters building will be situated by the future main entrance between the "Wind Tunnel" building, designed by Renzo Piano, and the "Meccanica Building", designed by Marco Visconti. The first building at the new Ferrari Complex site was a "safe" low red brick building, placed next to the old vest entrance. In 1998 the first high-tech building "Wind Tunnel" by Renzo Piano was completed and in 2001 construction started on the "Nuova Officina Meccanica" designed by Marco Visconti.
In July 2002 Ferrari moved to the new two-floor "GeS Nuova Logistica" building, next to the Fiorana Test area, designed by Luigi Sturchio. The "Centro Sviluppo Prodotto" (product development building), "Nuova Verniciatura" (high-tech lacquer center) by Marco Visconti, a new restaurant and a new complex, "Gestione Sportiva", for the Formula 1 Team are also planned.


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