Ferrari Product Development Centre

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Ferrari Product Development Centre
The building site is right in the centre of the Ferrari complex (Maranello - Italy) which is undergoing major changes and developments. The location of the research center between the Wind Tunnel and the Mechanics Building reinforces its role in building the main image of Ferrari Spa. This building will host the offices of the Ferrari Technical Management.
The project is born out of the desire to bring in the natural environment into this highly technological complex in order to  create a comfortable working ambient. Light, water and bamboo are used in such a way that building becomes landscape.
This project represents the development of a new poetic of lightness. The overall image is dominated by an overhanging volume , detached from the rest of the building and suspended above the surface of the water which covers the lower volume, extending outwards over the entrance area by 7 meters.
Brightly light crystal boxes and the minimum necessary structure are the only physical connections between these volumes. Above the surface of the water various walkways create a network of connections between two meeting rooms, marked by their respective colors, i.e. red and yellow. Water and light are the kinetic elements of the building, designating space with reflections  that give the impression of a precious  metal container to the upper volume.
In the middle of the building , a precisely ordered rectangular bamboo forest filters light and reflects it in a thousand different directions.
The alchemy of these elements creates a micro-climate which is a perfect example of bio-climatic architecture. Therefore this building, dedicated to a car manufacturing company that has represented, for generations, the realization of a dream, becomes part of this poetry, magic and dream.


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