Fendi Flagship Store

The sinewy dynamism of the façade is a natural extension of the interior which specifically identifies Fendi with the architectural qualities of Rome, from the ancient to the Baroque to the modern. Here, the exterior and interior work as one integrated and dynamic design separated by a frameless glass storefront. The 3,000 square foot boutique defies the constraints of a relatively modest infill storefront flanked by two much larger, powerful façades. This act of defiance is accomplished through the installation of a muscularly kinetic composition of metal shapes which in spite of their small scale effectively create a node or hinge which acts to emphasize the gap between the large volumes on each side. The tension and force communicated by the new Fendi façade suggests an attractively aggressive resistance to the larger structures. The façade consists of an entablature of a flowing and undulating CorTen steel surface textured with horizontal striations that curves through the glazing into the store interior creating design continuity between exterior and interior. A columnar shape also in CorTen, and a truncated cone in similarly striated white aluminum and a seamless glass storefront finish the façade. The interior uses materials that reference Rome: striated travertine, basalt floor stones, rusted metal, and the curving kinetics of Baroque form to develop very Californian space which is casual, uninhibited and spontaneous. Deep and narrow, the design exploits the high ceilings culminating in the back room of the store which features a vortex-like undulating skylight where a curvilinear tower rises to allow for natural light.


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