Fazenda Boa Vista

The club house devoted to golf players and enthusiasts is developed in a building of 1,663 m2, solved in two very distinct blocks.

The lower level is defined as the heavy block. Built in concrete, it nestles in the downwards slope of the terrain as to extend the platform where part of the ground level is supported, housing the entertaining areas and the terraces. On its white monolithic facade there is only one opening, the players' access to locker rooms, restrooms and massage rooms (men's and women's). Two other symmetric openings on the top of the volume define inner patios providing lighting and ventilation to the locker room areas. On the same level, with independent circulation and apart from the area intended to players, the kitchen and technical supporting areas are located.

The ground level — housing a lounge, bar, restaurant and offices — is composed of a light block and several open decks. Featuring mixed structure of metal and wood, enclosed by glass panes or masonry walls, the building is laid out as a sequence of interconnected rectangular spaces, partly over the lower-level landscaped slab, partly on the terrain. A succession of wooden decked platforms— three of them built as extensions to the bar, restaurant and lounge, and the others distributed in the surrounding ground on different levels — create outdoor lounging areas, open to the contemplation of the golf course and the view.



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