Fashion House Bucharest
Fashion House Bucharest “Moving the heart of the city` Bucharest 2008: one world is living its decline, the other one its rise. While the center of Bucharest, the former commercial heart of the city, is losing its architectural and environmental qualities from day to day, investors turn to the resources of the peripherical zones to create shopping magnets. “Fashion House Bucharest` is a case that combines both of these worlds: the big box retail and the “air` of the old city. The goal of the client was to make this “transplant` not only functional, but also architectural. The heterogenous character of the old Bucharest center was transfered to the skin and interior of a “big box`: oriental arches next to french inspired neoclassical domes, gabled roofs and many other architectural tools of the past. A grid of small streets and inner courtyards forms the urban structure of the project. Not only the decoration elements inspired by the old city, but the size and scale of the project represent a “copy – paste –edit` of the past. With a total area of over 28.000mp, Fashion House Bucharest offers over 20.000 sqm stores of brands with international reputation. The result is an architectural form on the threshold of a “Potemkin Village`, a dialog between historic image and contemporary shopping. Somewhere between the front façade, with its frontispieces made of extruded polystyrene, and the back façade made of prefabricated steel sandwich panels, lie some answers to questios we ask ourselves about the meaning of globalization.


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