Farmhouse; Ad-on
Farmhouse ad-on 'I believe in a duality of men' says one of the character in Olivier Stone's film Full Metal Jacket. Duality is an indispensable part of every form; this makes it alive and exciting. This project is an exemplification of duality of the house. Two contradictions, two perspectives, two sides of the same coin, two faces of the same house. Old and new, traditional and modern, light and shadows, square and rectangle, flat and spiky... beauty and the beast, yet merged together to create synergic unity. Farmhouse ad-on project consists of a modern ad-on to the already existing traditional Norwegian farmhouse. The functions of the existing part has been kept, with kitchen and living room on the ground floor. The second floor has bathroom and four bedrooms. The new part serves as a comfortable extension of the house, meant mainly to fulfill needs of the modern, complex family structure with three more bedrooms, one bathroom and additional, open living room. The floor level in this part has been considerably lowered, which enables to keep the right proportions between the old and the new, with the due respect to the former. Traditional house serves as a reference point, while the ad-on embraces and emphasis it. On the outside, the ad-on interplays with the existing farm buildings, by naturally closing the gap in the court yard and giving it a feeling of intimacy. This has been important for the project, so the modern styled ad-on could work together and in symbiosis with the existing structures.


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