Falkenburg Castle
Falkenburg Castle is a castle ruin overlooking Wilgartswiesen in the Palatinate Forest in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Like almost all castles in this region it was built on sandstone.

The castle was first mentioned in 1246, but as with many castles in the area it probably existed much earlier. A Werner von Falkenburg is mentioned among legal documents dating from 1290. From 1300 to 1313 the castle was pledged to Friedrich IV von Leiningen. Then in 1317 it was pledged to the Counts of the Palatinate Rudolf II and Ruprecht I by Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor. In 1375 Emich V von Leiningen became the proprietor of the castle. The Falkenburg withstood the German Peasants' War, but was occupied from 1632 until it was given back to its proprietor in 1648. The castle was demolished by French troops in 1680. The entire region of Frankenweide was administered from Falkenburg up to its destruction when it was moved to Wilgartswiesen.

The elongated Castle building is in two parts a 50 by 11 meter higher part which was connected by a staircase and The main tower occupied a space of 6.8 meters by 7.2 meters. Its walls have a thickness of 1.8 meters of which remains a 2.5 meter stub. The ruins comprise a cistern, gatehouse, living quarters and further remnants of walls on the castle cliffs.