Fai Fah Learning Centre

More than 100 students gather at Fai-Fah learning centre on Pradiphat Road nearly every day after school and on weekends to pick up extra skills in areas that interest them. They learn how to cook, paint, dance and even fight (taekwando).

The Fai-Fah project was initiated in April this year by TMB Bank with an aim to provide after-school educational support to children in lower socio economic brackets.“ Children from lower income families simply can’t afford tutoring programmes like those from middle income families,” said Paradei Theerathada, executive vice-president for corporate communications at TMB Bank.

They often lack parental supervision after school if both parents work to make ends meet. “Most public schools emphasize memorization for individuals rather than brainstorming, group activities and strategic planning like in private or international schools,” said Mr Paradei. “Children of lower-income families are not being put in a position to succeed.” TMB created the project because of this divide and to fill the void in these children’s lives.

The center is on Phahon Yothin Road. There are approximately five slum communities in Pradiphat with more than 600 households. Enrollment began in April this year with more than 170 students in Pradiphat aged 12-17 participating. Each term lasts 3 years. Sophomores are expected to serve as big buddies or mentors to the incoming students in 2011.

Although English, computer graphics and street dancing are offered at Fai-Fah, arts are considered the backbone of the activities. “We aim to use the arts to empower children to have inner confidence and inspiration to change not only themselves, but also to improve the community in which they live”, said Mr. Paradai. The secret to success of the project is the power of giving and receiving, he said.

Next year, TMB will expand the project to lower-income communities in Santu Pradit und Pracha Uthit with design assistance from two architectural firms, Spark and Atelier Lumpe. The company hopes to build more learning centres at key locations near its branches nationwide.

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