Faculty of Fine Arts, University of La Laguna

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Faculty of Fine Arts, University of La Laguna
Located on the outermost edge of the city of La Laguna, on the periphery of the University Campus, adjacent to the island highway and a number of empty lots, the project for the new Faculty of Fine Arts proposes an extension of the system of open spaces that exist throughout the campus, creating at the same time an autonomous interior space of its own. The building wraps itself around an intimate open space, creating the interior landscape of the new Faculty of Fine Arts. A skin of suspended concrete slats which forms the exterior wrapping adopts a curved shape which develops on the different levels, protecting and wrapping the interior open space of the building. This filter generates an in-between space and effects a uniform and diffuse lighting of the workspaces. It manifests its dual vocation of scale, housing the teaching areas while at the same time defining the building's urban and territorial image. The principal pedestrian access route collects and guides campus circulation from a spacious public square into the building. From the main entrance, circulation is continuous, following half-open undulating corridors, inviting one to enter, stroll around and leave without discontinuities in a curved space. A continuous spatial band distributes workshops and classrooms using a flexible organization that makes use of a modular structure of mobile dividing walls. These flexible spaces are grouped around a ring of fixed installations located on the inner sides, following the rationale that the fixed elements should be placed in such a way that they do not interfere in any possible future transformation. The Faculty of Fine Arts project is predominated by reinforced concrete that forms the skin of horizontal elements which function as an exterior filter, and by cast glass that defines a translucent closure leading throughout the building, separating the spaces for specific uses from the common ones like the patio-gardens and open ramps, the covered galleries and the entrance terrace, conceived as open exhibition and teaching areas and places for social exchange.


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