Faba Office Building
FABA Company, located in a small, provincial town of Baboszewo, 80 km away from Warsaw, is a specialized manufacturer of advanced woodworking tools. Build almost from the ground up, on the remains of backward and decayed communist era factory, it has been denationalized and turned over to private hands of factory workers. After few years of massive development it became resilient and progressive company that exports its products to over 34 countries throughout the world. It was not by accident that the opening of new company headquarters building was held on 20th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence and the beginning of economic transformation in the country. It is a meaningful coincidence, however, that the building is located on the corner of Restoration Street… In the symbolic sense the FABA building represents Polish achievements during last 20 years of economic change. It may not be the greatest in the country, but on its local scale it clearly stands out from the crowd and incarnates the most essential characteristic of modern middle class in Poland: the spirit of enterprise. In its architectural form, FABA intentionally confronts the opposites : the international style of building industry and the local vicinity and character. The courage of indigenous power proudly confronting the outside world – that’s what has been driving the company’s marketing strategy for last 20 years. The representative square, connecting the building with the town’s main street, is the clear statement of FABA, sending compliments to company’s local provenance. FABA building is an emblem of changeover in Polish society. It holds its ground firmly, proud of its legacy, boldly looking forward to the future!


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