The Expo MRT Station (CG1/DT35) was opened on 10 January 2001, and is part of the Singapore MRT Changi Airport Extension to the existing East West Line. It sports a space age architecture designed by world renowned architect Sir Norman Foster. The roof is clad in titanium, steel, and glass, and its design enabled the platform to be columns-free and invoking a sense of spaciousness. This design is also functional in that it handles human traffic which deviates significantly on a daily basis due to its proximity to the Singapore Expo, where human traffic is dependent on the timing of events held. The large space is thus needed to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

The section of underground track between this station and Changi Airport MRT Station is the longest between any two underground SMRT stations in Singapore.

The Land Transport Authority has announced that this station will be an interchange with the future Downtown MRT Line.

The initial numbering of this station was EW28, until 20 June 2003 when it was changed to CG1. The same numbering is now used for Pioneer Station.


The station's shell-shaped roof is derived from the section of a torus, as the eventual shape of the roof resembles a cylindrical cut perpendicular to the torus, while the shell roof is supported by two pairs of "Y" shaped twin columns separated by a 70 metre span in between. These columns are unique in that they are built outside the station platform and behind the train tracks.

Another distinctive feature is the large disc situated at the top of the glass elevator shaft, as seen in the photo on the right. The disc overhangs and terminates one end of the toroidal curved roof form, and contains an elevator shaft for the usage of the handicapped or needy. Its unusual shape lead some people to comment that it looked like a spaceship or UFO. This unique disc is the first of its kind in Singapore, although it was also used for the New Supreme Court building in downtown Singapore, which was opened in 2006.

Platform Screen Doors

As with most of the above-ground stations built in the past along the East West Line, it was initially built without Platform Screen Doors that prevent commuters from falling onto the train tracks. Installations of the half-height screen doors started on 20 June 2011. As of 23rd August, most of the platform screen doors have been installed.

Train services

Train services to Expo station were initially operated as a 2-station shuttle service from Tanah Merah MRT Station when the station first opened. It was then converted to a through service from Boon Lay Station when the other station on the Changi Extension, Changi Airport, opened. However, to cut costs due to ridership falling below expectations, the service was reverted into shuttle mode on 22 July 2003.

At present, the station has a high passenger traffic whenever there are major events occurring in the Singapore Expo. The recent expansion of Singapore Expo helped increase the passenger traffic in the station. However, traffic is still rather low at certain times of the year when there are not many events held.

Train service
Current Station Layout
Bus services

The following bus services pass by the bus stops along Upper Changi Road East:

Building Activity

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