Torino Exhibition Hall
The intervention consists in the realization of a five floors building: two underground, the first for a car park and the second for technological spaces, and three outside for commercial activities and restaurants.

The parking floor contains 109 cars on an area of 4.700 sqm on three levels. A wall separates the escavation for the recovery of the old couple of hypogeum iceboxes. The main entrance is situated at the ground level at the south-east side of the building near the cross road between Giulio Cesare and Regina Margherita.

The commercial areas are developed along the perimeter of the building creating in the central part a space-square correspondent to the two iceboxes brought again to light.

The walking area in the ground floor is partially around this pre-existing ice-boxes where is possible to look inside through he wall in the car park close to them at the same level. The first floor is organized like the scheme of the ground floor with commercial surfaces along the perimeter: shops, coffee shops and a service area for dealers in the south-west corner reachable trough an external accessway than runs along the building and trough flights than connect the building floors crossing the central empty space.

The last floor is occupied by restaurants and service areas with a covered terrace on the south side. The metallic roof keeps the drawing of the floors than generated the space below where the light penetrates trough transparent vertical and horizontal layers of glass. The external façade of the building is realized with a system of layers in glass one on the others sustained by couples of upright with a C shape in steel. Between this façade and the one in masonry there is a space than wraps all the building and inside it there are the security steps for the different levels.


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