Ex Unione Militare Palazzo

Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto enhances Palazzo 'ex unione militare' in rome with voluptuous forms and lighting displays. a triangular glass void cuts through the building to the roof where one can dine under the undulating enclosure. its steel structure rises 7.5 meters at the highest point, and covers a 300 square meter restaurant with views of the nearby domes of saint ambrose basilica and carlo al corso. during the day the extrusion shines like a mirror, but at night the space glows like a lantern. on the lower levels, the intervention allows one to view and access activity on other floors, as it contains vertical circulation elements. the entry becomes a bazaar of display areas composed of glass shelving and shiny white fiberglass forms, finished with colored patterns in shades of orange, red and violet. LEDs illuminate the stairs, exhibitions, and facade in complementary colors.


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