Europa City

Europa City will offer, on an unprecedented scale, a mix of retail, culture and leisure around a defining theme: Europe. its diversity, its urban experiences and its cultures. Rather than orienting Europa City towards the highway. we propose to integrate it as the natural center of a new business district We propose an urban form that combines dense city with open landscape, exploring the urban and green potentials of the site at once. We propose a commercial city that becomes a gathering point for the surrounding neighborhoods- a new kind of commercial center that is blended into the urban texture, and includes rather than excludes the surrounding city.

The programs of Europa City are organized along an internal boulevard with a mix of retail, entertainment and cultural programs on both sides The boulevard forms a continuous loop travelling through six different areas each celebrating a different lifestyle. Along the boulevard, public bicycles and electric public transport bring visitors quickly around The circular street creates at the same time surprising spatial experiences and a clear overview - It allows you to get lost, and still find your way.

EuropaCity is designed as a laboratory for sustainable technologies, and a showcase for viable green tech implementations that does not only save energy, but also improves the quality of the urban environment The large range of culture and leisure programs like concert halls, spas. skiing hill, swimming pools and urban farming form an urban ecosystem where resources are fed from one into another. Waste heat from retail is channeled into leisure spas. water is re-used as irrigation for the parks. and EuropaCity will be providing the surrounding neighborhoods with district heating and cooling The entire facility is designed to be powered with a combination of solar, biofuel and geothermal energy.

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