Architecture on the Maasvlakte Rotterdam's industrial harbour zone on the River Maasvlakte (plain) does not generally impress with inspirational office design. Occasionally, one even sees makeshift offices made of adjoining construction 'barracks'. The Euromax Terminal office building shows that another option is possible: a striking building that creates a new element in the industrialised harbour landscape. The concept was to create a tall building, which would reflect its distinct location close to the North Sea, and the desire by the owners to create a unique building. The building, visible from sea and land, stands at a convincing height above the dunes and the North Sea. The office tower is 54-metres in height, with thirteen storeys (including the basement). It features with an upward slanting slope on the top floors. The floor space of the office tower is 25 by 25 metres. A simple foundation of steel was possible due to the thick layer of sand that makes up the Maasvlakte; this plain was laid out during the 1960's. Steel construction is used for the sloped top, with curtain wall. Transparent glass panels and opaque, enamelled glass panels alternate in anthracite grey aluminium casing. Lay-out Euromax has its offices on the sixth through the eight floors. The ninth floor houses conference rooms and engineering spaces. The eleventh floor houses a beautifully designed boardroom. The second floor is where operating working spaces are located, while the first floor has a restaurant and dressing rooms for the female employees. The ground floor has an entry hall with reception counter and a briefing room. A basement is located underneath the tower, with engineering spaces, and where the remaining dressing rooms are housed. Three stacked atria are incorporated within the building volume, each spanning several levels. Space is kept available at the west portion of the terrain to create a tower of corresponding design. The design of 8.000-m2-office space and 2.000-m2 customs facilities, maintenance and access buildings are constructed with the Design and Build method. This is an efficient and effective building practice, which allows the client and architect to come to a detailed architectural design quickly; followed by the contractor's realisation of the building. The advantage of this method is that the construction process is much faster than the usual construction time without compromise to the built results or quality. Euromax has becomes a solid building volume that has been carefully detailed and finished. Special attention was paid to the restaurant, and the boardroom on the top floor, which offers phenomenal views of both the sea and the surrounding landscape. The specific form of the office building offers a subtle variation in profile depending of the differing points of view. The building volume is anchored in its industrial landscape with canopies and the adjacent buildings. The building forms a powerful statement in the harbour in context with the characteristics of its setting on the Maasvlakte.


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