Coorporativo Eurocenter is located in the south west of Mexico City, Av. Agraz, in Santa Fe. The project was build up in a site between two streets, having 18.00 m of difference among them, and with a facade of 4,125.00 sq m for offices and commerce. As a result of the topographic site characteristics could consider six levels for parking lot with the aim of use the slab of the last level as a small square access in Av. Agraz side. In order to allow the visual extension of the place, the tower I rise of the ground on enormous columns of triple height and where the concavity generated where destiny to housing a crystal volume of crystal which contains the lobby, the nucleus of elevators and services, and also communicate all the levels of the building. An orange alucobond wall emphasizes even more the fragmentation and hugs a crystal box that is destined for commerce. The 13-storey tower designated for offices and one plant of rectangular with two semicurved corners to obtain a strong and contemporary aspect. Each floor of office counts on with independent baths for men and women, service room, fire scape stairs, vertical intern communication stairs and service elevator. This tower also is composed by two adjacent bodies in a vertical form facing to different roads and directions; one of them characterizes by the horizontality of alucobond black and orange; one is all cover by clear crystal and blue crystal fragments as well as aluminum louver that crowns this body. The continuity and monotony of a single plate of access were interrupted by a break with trees that works as big pluvial can; it canalizes the water to the water-bearing mantles, this element protected by a crystal handrail and allowed a perfect visibility. On this level was considered a vehicular transition zone with a direct communication to the parking cellars.


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