Ether Dome
The Ether Dome is an amphitheater in the Bulfinch Building at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It served as the hospital's operating room from its opening in 1821 until 1867. It was the site of the first public demonstration of the use of inhaled ether as a surgical anesthetic on 16 October 1846. William Thomas Green Morton, a local dentist, used ether to anesthetize Edward Gilbert Abbott. John Collins Warren, the first dean of Harvard Medical School, then painlessly removed a tumor from Abbott's neck. After Warren had finished, and Abbott regained consciousness, Warren asked the patient how he felt. Reportedly, Abbott said, "Feels as if my neck's been scratched". Warren then turned to his medical audience and uttered "Gentlemen, this is no Humbug". This was presumably a reference to the unsuccessful demonstration of nitrous oxide anesthesia by Horace Wells in the same theater the previous year, which was ended by cries of "Humbug!" after the patient groaned with pain. The first use of ether as a surgical anesthetic is attributed to Crawford Long, of Danielsville, Georgia. He used ether anesthesia in his surgical practice prior to Morton, but had only demonstrated this to his local colleagues prior to Morton's demonstration. Long subsequently published his results in 1849 in The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal. The Ether Dome is now used for medical conferences and presentations, and is open to the public when not in use. It contains a remarkable contemporary painting of that historic event by Warren and Lucia Prosperi, as well as mummies and other odd artifacts and relics. It is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

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